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Steel Fiber Concrete Luncheon & Forum: Optimization of Industrial Flooring Solutions

Date & Time: Wednesday Feb 14, 2024 at 1:45 pm
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: OPCMIA Stage


This forum will illustrate the benefits of transitioning from continuous steel reinforcement to discontinuous steel reinforcement. Together with Dorlan Engineering, the panelists will present the advantages of moving away from traditionally reinforced saw-cut concrete floors to higher-performing steel fiber-reinforced concrete. Discussions will focus on the demand for higher bearing capacity, reduced maintenance costs, and, overall, more sustainable industrial concrete flooring solutions.

  1. Methods for optimizing industrial concrete floors.
  2. Use of continuous reinforcement vs. discontinuous reinforcement
  3. Challenges and best practices executing steel fiber reinforced concrete.
  4. High-performance and versatile industrial concrete floors projects including cold storage.
  5. Greener & Sustainable build-to-suit concrete solutions for industrial

Presented by

Danny Godinez
Danny Godinez, Canada & Northeast USA Sales Manager, Bekaert Corporation
Danny Godinez is the Sales Manager in Canada & United States for Bekaert Corporation, a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technology headquartered in Belgium. Danny is a graduate of High Point University, where he received a Master’s in Business Administration. Danny has over 18 years of experience delivering steel solutions in the industrial construction sectors, and he has worked with some of the top steel industry leaders in North America. As a steel fiber expert, Danny has helped saved millions of dollars and thousands of hours on labor force.
Terry Sarna, Owner & Structural Engineer, Dorlan Engineering Consultants
Sponsored by:
Bekaert Dramix Steel Fibers & Dorlan Engineering