February 14-15, 2024 | The International Centre, Toronto, Canada
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CCE Schedule

2024 Show Hours:
Wednesday, February 14  9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Thursday, February 15  9:00 am to 3:00 pm

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Please review the completed CCE 2023 schedule for a sample of what to expect at the 6th annual Canadian Concrete Expo in 2024.

CCE Schedule Thursday Feb 16, 2023

50 minutes
Pegasus Room C
$50 + tax

An Introduction to Mechanical Splices and Their Applications for Reinforcing Bars

Megan Kelleher, Canadian Sales Manager, Barsplice Products, Inc.
Fadi Younes, Territory Sales Manager, nVent LENTON
Sean van Rassel , Director of Business Development Engineered Products – Dayton Superior Canada Ltd
Robbie Hall, General Manager - East || Codes, Standards and Applications Support – North America, Headed Reinforcement Corporation
Megan Kelleher Fadi Younes Sean van Rassel Robbie Hall
In this session will provide an overview of the different types and applications of the many different mechanical splices for reinforcing bars. We will discuss... Read more
Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada (RSIC)
50 minutes
Pegasus Room A
$50 + tax

Presenting the Certified Concrete Pump Operator (CCPO) Program

Ammar Kavazovic , Director, Programs & Initiatives, BC Construction Safety Alliance
Sara Knights, Programs & Initiatives Coordinator, BC Construction Safety Alliance
Ammar Kavazovic Sara Knights
Concrete Pump Operators in British Columbia can now have their skills and abilities recognized with a professional accreditation: Concrete Pump Operator Certificate of Competence delivered... Read more
British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA)
50 minutes
Pegasus Room A
$50 + tax

Construction’s Role on the Path to Net-zero Cement and Concrete

Glen Furtado, Senior Director of Engineering and Stakeholder Relations – Western Region, Cement Association of Canada
Maria Camila, Specialist, Building & Material Sciences, EllisDon Corporation
Markku Allison , VP Strategy + Innovation, Chandos Construction, Canada
Michael Mousa, Sustainability Consultant, DIALOG
Glen Furtado Maria Camila Markku Allison Michael Mousa
What role does the construction industry play in reducing emissions in our built environment? Join the Cement Association of Canada’s panel to find out how... Read more
Cement Association of Canada
50 minutes
Pegasus Room B
$50 + tax

Advancing the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Industry

David Perkins, Membership Chair, CSDA
Erin O’Brien , Executive Director, CSDA
David Perkins Erin O’Brien
CSDA Executive Director Erin O’Brien and Membership Committee Chair David Perkins will share CSDA’s vision for advancing the concrete sawing and drilling industry through safety,... Read more
50 minutes
Pegasus Room A
$50 + tax

What You Need to Know About Concrete Floor Construction

Geoff Kinney III, Executive Director, The Concrete Floor Construction Association of Canada
Geoff Kinney III
Please join us for an in-depth discussion on Concrete Floors including methods, standards and recent lab test results as we push forward toward a more... Read more
Concrete Floor Contractors Association

CCE Schedule Friday Feb 17, 2023

50 minutes
Pegasus Room B
$50 + tax

New Employees are Out There, How to Find Them

Jeff MacIntyre , President Grand Valley Construction Association
Jeff MacIntyre
There is continual discussion, confusion and concern surrounding the lack of talent in the trades. Traditional models that have provided the supply of people are... Read more
Grand Valley Construction Association