Stage Presentations

Preventing Cost Overruns: Strategies for Mitigating the Risk to Construction Projects

Date & Time: Wednesday Feb 14, 2024 at 12:30 pm
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: OPCMIA Stage


Most infrastructure projects are over budget and behind schedule. While there are various potential reasons, there is usually an underlying cause that creates a domino effect, effectively causing disruptions at all stages of the construction. Geoform’s proposal for an alternative ground stabilization method is a promising solution to address the issues of unexpected or undiagnosed ground instability and water ingress challenges that usually cause delays and cost overruns in infrastructure projects.

By creating a stable “cake” layer that is easy to excavate when needed, Geoform’s method allows for greater predictability in construction while still providing the necessary compressive strength for long-term stability. Additionally, the ability to effectively keep water away from the construction site will help minimize potential water damage and further delays. Geoform provides evidence of the effectiveness of their method through case studies and testing to gain the trust of clients and regulators. This approach will potentially lead to more predictable and efficient construction timelines and budgets, ultimately benefiting both the construction industry and society.

Presented by

Kayhan Zirhlioglu
Kayhan Zirhlioglu , CEO, Geoform Canada, Ltd.
Sponsored by:
Geoform Canada, Ltd.