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Measuring the strength of concrete during construction: its effects on scheduling, production and the environment.

Date & Time: Thursday Feb 15, 2024 at 12:00 pm
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Room A
Registration: $50 plus hst


This presentation will look at common methods that have been developed to measure strength of concrete during construction highlighting the pros and cons of each method. We will then review a case study of how one method was utilized to great effect to improve scheduling and reduce overall environmental impact.

Presented by

Sean Agresta
Sean Agresta, Technical Services Manager, DEWALT Anchors and Fasteners
Mr. Sean Agresta joined the DEWALT team as a field engineer in the fall of 2012 and has led the field engineering team since 2016. He is a member of CSA 23.3 Annex D Subcommittee on anchorage and Chair of ACI C681 – Concrete Anchor Installation Inspector Certification. In addition, Sean is a voting member of ACI 349-C – Nuclear Structures Anchorage, ACI C680 – Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification. He graduated in 2006 from McMaster University, Hamilton, ON with a degree in Bachelor of Engineering Physics and Management. He has been in the field of anchoring for 17 years.
Sponsored by:
ACI Eastern Ontario/Quebec & DEWALT

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