Conference Sessions

Using Tilt-up Construction to Overcome the Challenges Facing the Construction Industry

Date & Time: Friday Feb 17, 2023 at 12:15 pm
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Pegasus Room B
Registration: $50 + tax


With the many challenges facing today’s construction industry, including labour, material shortages and rising costs. See why tilt-up construction is a perfect solution. Using mostly local trades and requiring up to 1/3 less labour than traditional construction. A tilt-up panel consists of 3 main components; concrete, rebar and XPS insulation, and although there have been challenges with some materials, these are still readily available. The all-in-one loadbearing tilt-up system greatly reduces dependence on other materials and is an economical solution in today’s inflationary market.

Presented by

Len Overbeek
Len Overbeek, Business Development, Tilt Wall Ontario
In 2001 Len was introduced to the tilt-up method and was immediately impressed by its design flexibility, energy efficiency and durability. Today Len works closely with prospective clients to determine if their project is a good candidate for a tilt- up building. As a tilt-up expert, he is also able to assist with project design and offer construction solutions. Passionate about tilt-up construction, Len loves sharing his knowledge of tilt-up and how its benefits help owners, engineers and architects meet the challenges of todays building demands. He still loves lift day and believes that tilt-up is the smart way to build.
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Tilt-Up Concrete Association