Conference Sessions

Undercut Mechanical Anchoring: Applications, Design and Qualification

Date & Time: Friday Feb 17, 2023 at 1:30 pm
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Pegasus Room B
Registration: $50 + tax


Post-Installed concrete anchorage has a wide variety of options; one being Undercut systems. This session will discuss what is an undercut anchor, why undercut anchors are advantageous for certain situations and how we design with undercut anchors utilizing the Canadian standard CSA A23.3 Annex D. The session will also describe the overall undercut anchor system including installation as well as various construction project use cases.

Presented by

Sean Agresta
Sean Agresta, Technical Services Manager, DEWALT Anchors and Fasteners
Mr. Sean Agresta joined the DEWALT team as a field engineer in the fall of 2012. He manages the field engineering team and is involved with all the aspects of the anchoring business. He is a member of CSA 23.3 Annex D Subcommittee on anchorage, a voting member of ACI 349-C – Nuclear Structures Anchorage, ACI C681 – Concrete Anchor Installation Inspector Certification, ACI 680C – Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification. He is also an Associate Member of ACI 355 – Anchorage to Concrete; Qualification, ACI 408 – Bond and Development of Steel Reinforcement. He graduated in 2006 from McMaster University, Hamilton, ON with a degree in Bachelor of Engineering Physics and Management and started his career as a sales engineer at Keyence Canada. Sean then moved on to several positions with Hilti Canada inc. from 2007 to 2012. He has been in the field of anchoring for 15 years.
Sponsored by:
ACI Eastern Ontario/Quebec & DEWALT