January 22-23, 2020 | The International Centre, Toronto, Canada
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Conference Sessions

The ABC’s of Accelerated Building Construction

Date & Time: Wednesday Feb 06, 2019
1:00 pm
Duration: 55 minutes
Location: Phoenix Room B
Registration: $50

Prefabricated/modular construction practices have many positive qualities including; cost-effectiveness, durability, speed and efficiency in delivery, a significant reduction in construction site hazards, on-site waste reduction, and improvements on site safety. In the last several years new automation and technologies at the plant level, and new advancements in project management have enabled Accelerated Building Construction (ABC) to greatly surpass the 30% time saving has traditionally had in comparison to traditional methods of construction – with time savings up to 50% in some cases. Precast Concrete Construction can take several design approaches within ABC Construction – including precast concrete columns and beams with panelized cladding, or load bearing precast concrete walls including double wythe insulated wall panels with pre-installed windows, and can include double tee or hollowcore concrete flooring.

The ‘construction’ part of the ABC process utilizes prefabricated sections which are manufactured off-site at a CPCQA certified facility, transported to the project where a crane sets these major components quickly, accurately and directly into place. ABC can provide a streamlined approach where the advantages of off-site manufacturing improves quality control and saves money for clients who need to maintain strict deadlines. The presentation will highlight the numerous projects in Ontario where ABC has been used to shorten the project timetable which is crucial when bringing a new building into a competitive marketplace or in meeting tight deadlines to ensure that the building is ready for occupancy as soon as possible.

Presented by:
Malcolm Hachborn, President M. E. Hachborn Engineering
Malcolm has over 30 years of structural design experience of precast concrete structures. He has extensive experience in building science, manufacturing and construction of precast concrete building envelope systems. Malcolm has been involved in projects ranging from the design of simple, single storey precast structures to 50 plus storey residential projects. Malcolm has also designed precast for water treatment facilities, multi storey condominiums, large institutional projects (hospitals and courthouses) and multi-storey commercial and office structures. Malcolm participates on several CSA technical committees for advanced materials and many of the technical and quality committees for the Canadian and US Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institutes.
Brian Hall, Managing Director, Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute
Brian is the designer of the CPCI's continuing-education program which emphasizes on educating architects, engineers and AEC construction professionals. CPCI's continuing-education program is a comprehensive ongoing education program which includes research, collecting and disseminating knowledge, statistics, ideas and information relating to the sustainability, design, manufacture and use of precast concrete in Canada.
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Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute