February 16-17, 2023 | The International Centre, Toronto, Canada
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New Technology Trends for Concrete Monitoring based on Maturity Method

Date & Time: Thursday May 19, 2022
1:45 pm
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Hall 2
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The concrete maturity method was initially introduced to address some of the challenges with referencing concrete samples (cylinders or cubes) for form stripping at the construction job sites. Although this method is being widely adopted in the industry, there is always an opportunity to expand our knowledge about the concrete maturity concept and learn the best practices in selecting the proper models for different design mixes. In this presentation, Dr. Amir Azhari will discuss the science behind the maturity method and review different models proposed by subject matter experts to make maturity an accurate method for estimating the in- situ strength of concrete.

Presented by:
Dr. Amir Azhari
Dr. Amir Azhari, Chief Commercial Officer, Brickeye
Amir is the cofounder and Chief Commercial Officer of Brickeye. After working in different industries as a technology consultant, he co-founded AOMS Technologies (Brickeye) in 2014 to pursue his passion in helping industrial projects become more efficient and cost-effective by incorporating advanced technologies. Amir believes that industrial IoT can significantly add value to different industries and in particular, construction job sites, by enhancing safety and quality and enabling informed decisions about the projects. Amir received his BSc and MSc in Materials Engineering, holds an MBA degree, and completed his PhD at the University of Waterloo in Mechanical Engineering.
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