Conference Sessions

An Introduction to Mechanical Splices and Their Applications for Reinforcing Bars

Date & Time: Thursday Feb 16, 2023 at 10:00 am
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Pegasus Room C
Registration: $50 + tax


In this session will provide an overview of the different types and applications of the many different mechanical splices for reinforcing bars. We will discuss rebar splicing, when to use mechanical couplers, which couplers should be used in different scenarios, as well as the relevant code requirements surrounding the topic.

Our seminar hosts are the top experts representing each of the four major mechanical splice suppliers in Canada.

Presented by

Megan Kelleher
Megan Kelleher, Canadian Sales Manager, Barsplice Products, Inc.
Fadi Younes
Fadi Younes, Territory Sales Manager, nVent LENTON
Sean van Rassel
Sean van Rassel, Director of Business Development Engineered Products – Dayton Superior Canada Ltd
Robbie Hall
Robbie Hall, General Manager - East || Codes, Standards and Applications Support – North America, Headed Reinforcement Corporation
Sponsored by:
Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada (RSIC)