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Concrete Innovation: Ojibway Wildlife Crossing Revolutionizes Wildlife Protection

Recognizing Earth Day In Southwestern Ontario, Canada, there’s a big project called the Ojibway Wildlife Crossing. It’s all about helping […]

Explore Skilled Trades with Skills Ontario

The Trades & Tech Truck is a mobile unit of fun experiential learning! With activities and simulators, youth can explore […]

Does 3D Construction Printing work in Canada? Come See For Yourself.

Witness the first North American, indoor, live, full-scale 3D concrete printing demo. See 3D construction printing in action, visit nidus3D […]

ICFMA Works to Build Better in North America

Submitted by: Brian Corder, ICFMA Board Member The Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association (ICFMA) is the North American non-profit trade […]

Concrete Tips: How to Measure the Moisture Content of Concrete

Water plays an important part in the formation of concrete; it is one of the three main ingredients: water, cement […]

The True Potential of Women in Construction

Submitted by: Giovanni Cautillo, President – OGCA I find that the current debate that is raging, asking, “why” aren’t there […]

7 Amazing Apps for Concrete Contractors in 2020

The concrete construction industry is going through a digital transformation. Apps promise productivity, efficiency, safety and information gains, which gives […]

Don’t Miss Out When Attending Canadian Concrete Expo

Maximize Your Trade Show Experience with These 8 Tips Canada’s national concrete trade show is returning to the International Centre […]

Shades of Grey – Choosing Between Asphalt and Concrete

Most of Canada’s highways and (non-rural) roads are composed of asphalt, because asphalt costs less to place than concrete. It […]

5 Benefits of Tilt-wall Construction

Tilt-up construction, (also known as tilt-slab or tilt-wall construction) is a construction technique where the concrete elements of the building […]