10 Concrete Gift Ideas for Everybody on Your List

Concrete is not only an amazing building material, it is also a great gift idea. Concrete’s flexibility to take a myriad of shapes, combined with the ability to alter the mix to create different properties and the latest in decorative technologies, concrete can easily be transformed into beautiful and practical items for the home or office.

“Most of the year, we at Canadian Concrete Expo are preoccupied with concrete construction, but around the holidays, we begin to think of some of the lighter applications of concrete as we consider gift ideas for our loved ones this season,” says Stuart Galloway, Canadian Concrete Expo.

Gifts made of concrete are so diverse, you can find something for everyone on your list. Here are 10 great concrete gift ideas that will put smiles on the faces of your loved ones.

1. Concrete bookends

This one is for the home or office. Concrete bookends can be fashioned into a variety of pleasing shapes and will easily prevent books from sliding.

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2. Concrete coasters

Concrete’s low permeability will help keep drinks from dripping onto tables and counters as you entertain guests this holiday season.

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3. Concrete jewellery

Concrete can be fashioned into a myriad of shapes and decorated a myriad of colours. You can look great without having to pay for precious stones.

Concrete Jewellery Ideas

4. Concrete desk organizer

It’s just like the plastic one that you are used to buying but it will last longer and is environmentally friendly.

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5. Concrete candle holders

Available in many colours and forms, these gifts will brighten any room. Plus, you know the holders will never catch fire, because they are made of concrete. Once the wax is burned away, use the holder as a mold for creating more candles.

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6. Concrete speakers

This season, listen to your favourite Christmas music using concrete speakers. These speakers offer an alternative look to the black rectangles in many modern home entertainment systems.

Concrete Speaker Ideas

7. Concrete plant boxes

Again, concrete’s low permeability makes it a great material for housing plants. Plus, the concrete can be decorative so it’s not just the plants that are freshening up the room.

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8. Concrete clock

For the home or office, this practical gift idea can show a unique alternative to the classic look of the clock.

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9. Concrete letters

Some people like to spell out words that they want other people to know are important to them. For these people, consider buying concrete letters. Maybe it is the word INSPIRATION or HOPE or LOVE or their first name.

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10. Concrete Christmas ornaments

With so many colours and shapes available, you can mold your own Christmas ornaments.

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“Concrete is a truly diverse and durable material capable of being used for just about anything,” says Galloway. “Besides dyes and stamps, with concrete, you also have the possibility of engraving into it in order to make a gift more attractive and meaningful. When it comes to concrete, the only real limit is your imagination.”